Microsoft Software Training

Like your PC but feel you are only using a small percentage of its capability?

Let us show you the power of Microsoft’s products and open your eyes to the power and potential of your PC!


Do you have tasks you do every day that you know your software must be able to help you do quicker and more professionally?

Discuss your specific tasks with one of our consultants so we can help you work more efficiently.


Are you a power user doing some very clever things with databases and spreadsheets but don’t have time to research specific issues?

Ashbee Computer Services’ consultants love the challenges of problem solving and having their knowledge tested, you tell us what you are trying to achieve and we’ll help try and solve the issues surrounding them using the power of Microsoft and your computer.


Ashbee Computer Services training is geared to helping you develop from complete beginner through to Advanced in Microsoft’s Access, Excel, Outlook, Project, Publisher, Visio and Word.


Consultancy Services

I need a database to track my investment portfolio or trading book and for it to be updated regularly with price feeds from an external source.

Ashbee do not profess to be experts in the investment market but you tell us what you want and using our Access and SQL database building experience and working hand-in-hand with you can build a database that records and reports what you need to know.


I have this great Excel spreadsheet which I have built over the years but it is getting big, unwieldy and time consuming.

Ashbee Computer Services consultants can work with you to identify whether the spreadsheet needs either tidying up or maybe moving onto a database, which we can help design and build.


The company could really do with a corporate image being represented in documents, emails, faxes, letters and proposals we send out.

Corporate Template design is the way forward, Ashbee can build standardised documents and procedures that will help your staff prepare consistent and professional looking documentation.


We are a group of solicitors working at various remote locations on the same cases wishing to access, update and share various documents as well as allowing our clients to see relevant documentation.

Microsoft SharePoint is a collection of software and products allowing web based document sharing and processing, let Ashbee Computer Services design and build a solution.

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