Template Development


Specialising in Word, PowerPoint and other Microsoft products 

  • We will incorporate your company Image on to your company's templates
  • Using Visual Basic for Applications we can customise your templates to your exact requirements
  • We will create custom ribbons/toolbars in Word, PowerPoint or other Microsoft products to help open your templates or help with other functions
  • We can create intelligent start up forms using VBA that can prompt for information such as recipient details, sender’s name, department, group – in fact any information that is different for different people - and transfer it to the document/presentation in the correct place. For ease of use the form can remember the details entered for the next time the document/presentation is opened
  • We can create documents that collate information based on responses, and that transfer the collated information to overall summaries
  • If you are using Microsoft Office 2007, or above, we can customise the Fluent Interface Ribbon so that the buttons that you want to use are easily available, or have your own ribbon with your own macros!
  • We can help you unlock the power of Themes, and other Office 2007 functions, to carry your corporate identity accross all the Office programs.
  • We can find solutions that suit your needs